What is high pressure processing or HPP?

HPP technology is a process by which a food is subjected to non-thermal pasteurization. The technology uses water at 6000 bar pressure to destroy bacteria such as ecoli, listeria and salmonella. The process protects the flavor, color and nutrients of food and increases its shelf life up to 8 times.

Why use HPP?

High pressure processing offers extensive product benefits:

• More fresh
• More secure
• More nutritious
• Better taste
• Clean label
• Fewer returns
• Without preservatives
• Protects the reputation of brands


In which products can I use hpp?

• Meat products. Raw, marinated and cooked
• Fish and shellfish
• Juices and smoothies
• Vegetables and fruit purees
• Avocado and guacamole
• Prepared foods
• Sauces and dressings
• Soups
• Hummus
• Salads
• Compotes
• Spreadable