¿About us?

We are a Colombian company aware that food safety is essential and that nutrition and well-being go hand in hand with delicious and natural foods.

We are a brand focused on contributing and contributing to a conscious and healthy diet. We believe in the power of nature to grow and evolve.

CARPUS In Greek mythology, Carpus is the personification of summer and the goddess of the fruits of that season. She is said to have the power to make fruits grow, give flavor, color and life.

In the iconography of Greek art, she is represented together with the other fertility gods in procession or dancing, holding the fruits of summer, especially a red apple.

After many centuries Carpo is our protector, who sows, cultivates and harvests all our ingredients, fruits and essences. Nature is the one who watches over us and our seal guarantees the promise of quality and purity.



¿What is High pressure processing or HPP?

HPP technology is a process by which a food is subjected to a non-thermal pasteurization. The technology uses water at 6000 bar pressure to destroy bacteria such as ecoli, listeria and salmonella. The process protects the flavor, color and nutrients of food and increases its shelf life up to 8 times.

Our services




We offer maquiladora services for a wide variety of prepackaged foods and beverages.

• Meat products. Raw, marinated and cooked
• Fish and shellfish
• Juices and smoothies
• Vegetables and fruit purees
• Avocado and guacamole
• Among others…

Our products

100% natural juices, without preservatives or colorings

• High content of fruits and vegetables: up to 80%
• Naturally vegan
• 100% natural
• No added sugar
• No preservatives or preservatives
• Gluten Free
• Less than 100 calories